Mentor Training

The Practice of Christian Mentoring: Growing Together is a four session training course designed and written by Anne to train mentors in local faith communities.

“Mentoring has tremendous potential to help churches inject real substance into their aspirations for promoting ongoing discipleship among their members. This practical training course provides an excellent basic grounding in Christian mentoring that is easy to grasp. Anne has done the hard work of sifting through a wide range of resources to distil the essential material for getting mentoring up and running in a local church setting. The balance of well-informed content and down-to-earth application will appeal to a broad range of participants.” 
Rick Lewis D Min , Mentor and Author of Mentoring Matters​

Sessions focus on

  • Foundations of Christian Mentoring
  • Growing up into Christ
  • How do we Grow?
  • The Practicalities of Christian Mentoring

Anne is available to train mentors or to facilitate the use of The Practice of Christian Mentoring: Growing Together by others.

Please contact Anne for further information.